How Do Leaders Build an Irresistible Brand & Create Modern Day Legacy?  

In any hyper-competitive market, whoever owns an irresistible, legendary brand enjoys a massive, competitive advantage. It is true for everything; from smartphones to coffee and cars; from shoes to motorcycles and amusement parks. This includes the space you compete in.

International Speaker & Author, Gair Maxwell, travels the world delivering high impact keynotes and workshops; inspiring and challenging everyday leaders to build companies, communities and brands that are simply irresistible in their magnetic ability to attract ideal customers, top talent and build long-term equity. These are otherwise ordinary organizations that pack an extraordinary punch; marketing in a fashion that is far above their weight class.  In essence they become the “Apple”, “Ferrari, “Harley-Davidson” or “NIKE” of their specific product/service category. 

The Rules of Business & Branding Keep Changing... But, Legends Always Thrive

Based on more than a decade of first-hand experience as well as science-based research, our keynotes and workshops challenge accepted notions of how long-term brand-building really works these days; especially as it relates to the role of Leadership and creating Modern Day Legacy.                


BIG LITTLE LEGENDS are companies, leaders and communities that: own a sizeable or much bigger share of the market in their specific competitive space;  display the qualities of enduring longevity;  make a positive, emotional difference to their communities;  enjoy a much-admired public reputation with a brand story that gets told and retold by people who are happy to do so.  

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Gair is an inspiring figure. He makes you want to get up and achieve something. As good a speaker as I’ve ever heard.

Gene Simmons - KISS

Engaging, enlightening and, most importantly, EFFECTIVE!  Gair's impact on the City of Moose Jaw’s rebranding project can’t be overstated – in fact, it was “Notoriously” significant!

Craig Hemingway - City of Moose Jaw

Gair finds out what makes brands tick and shares insights any business can use to create their own legendary brand.

Clay Hebert - Professional Speaker

Building a legendary brand in our New Economy does not require you to be a massive company or have an extravagant marketing budget.  Armed with a clear vision and a compelling story, all possibilities are at your fingertips like never before.  

How Do Leaders Build Irresistible Brands?

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