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"Gair is an inspiring figure. He makes you want to get up and achieve something. As good a speaker as I’ve ever heard."

Gene Simmons


"Thanks for opening my eyes and inspiring me to build a great company.  We're ready to take the market by storm."

Karen Stewart

Fairway Divorce

"Gair finds out what makes brands tick and shares insights any business can use to create their own legendary brand."

Clay Hebert

Professional Speaker

The Rules of Business & Branding Have Changed...

but, Legends Continue to Flourish!

No matter how furious the waves of digital disruption blow through this 'New Economy', have you ever noticed how legendary brands such as: NIKE, Apple and Disney don’t suffer the impact when global markets crash or when social media sites like Facebook changes its algorithms?  Until now, there has never been a time in human history when everyday companies, and their people, have enjoyed the protection and prosperity offered by creating legendary brands – without spending a small fortune on advertising.  
International Keynote Speaker & Author, Gair Maxwell, has discovered that building a legendary brand in this modern world doesn’t mean that you need to be a massive company or have deep pockets. 

Since buyers are finding answers to their problems and discovering new heroes and icons online, forward-thinking brands have opportunities like never before to create substantial differentiation, enhance their reputation and attract higher levels of inbound customers.  20th Century, pitch-driven, “push marketing” strategy no longer works in this new era.   However, the art of story-telling is more relevant than ever for those who can utilize the magic offered by new and exciting online platforms.    

90% of Business Leaders Expect Massive Disruption. 

Less Than Half Feel They are Prepared to Compete in Today's New Economy.   

With two decades of coaching thousands of CEO's, Senior Execs and Business Owners worldwide, Gair Maxwell has discovered timeless secrets that determine whether any business or brand thrives in a time of massive change. Inevitably, it boils down to a simple leadership decision -- to shape the stories that shape us. 

Gair inspires organizations and their people to infuse their brands with emotionally authentic narratives that are ideally suited for today’s fast-paced digital world. 

As stories are told and shared, more people become organically attracted to what you have to say on the most relevant platforms of our time.  With over one billion hours of viewership every day, YouTube has surpassed TV as the most watched format in the U.S.  New research shows that a compelling video on a landing page, can boost conversions by over 80%.  Video story-telling on social platforms such as:  Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram generate 1200% more 'shares' than text and images combined. This avalanche of new technology allows otherwise everyday companies, to launch marketing snowballs that roll downhill; becoming legendary brands in much less time - without breaking the bank.  

Be Legendary.

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Nuts, Bolts And A Few Loose Screws

Common threads of uncommonly remarkable people and seamless brands. 

“The future belongs to digital story-tellers; those who can weave the ancient power of narrative in modern ways to shift attitudes, influence consumer behavior, tilt economic playing fields, build legacy and foster a better world.”