The branding Highway bootcamp

The Best Brands In the World are Irresistibly Enticing Because of the Stories They Represent.

We Think You Should Enjoy That Same Advantage.  

Building a legendary brand has very little to do with fancy logos, clever ads or jumping on the latest social media bandwagons. Those are just tools and tactics; platforms and gimmicks that change with the seasons.

The one thing that never changes is ... human behaviour.  Through the centuries, people of different social, cultural or ethnic backgrounds have always responded to, and rallied around powerful stories with depth, meaning and purpose. 

The Very Best Brands Don't Speak Like Everyone Else. 

That’s why we believe, nothing is more compelling than the power of YOUR story; shared with the kind of people you want to have as customers and on your team. 

It’s about sharing values-based stories that real people want to believe in.

A High Voltage Jolt of Creative Energy

THE BRANDING HIGHWAY BOOTCAMP has been described as high voltage jolt of creative energy that both aligns and sparks your team.  Together, you and your team build a brand that focuses on CONNECTION rather than trying to convince the market. 

In one day, you and your team leave with unusual clarity as well as relevant and actionable ideas; knowing with full confidence how to implement a storytelling strategy that rivals the very best in the world. 

In Our One-Day Together, You and Your Team Will Learn: 

  • How to create your Legendary Story that will be irresistible to the market.  
  • Ways to achieve massive degrees of 'Differentiation & Relevance' that allows your brand to ZAG away from competitors. 
  • How to craft a Tribal Narrative™; the foundation for all external marketing efforts, internal culture and customer fulfilment.
  • The strategic advantage of creating your own Media Company to build an online audience that becomes an ongoing source of referrals. 
  • The "The Coffee Shop Approach" designed to enhance your social media presence; inspiring more engagement and committed followers. 
  • How to position your brand as a “Category of One". 
  • The "Observe-Consider-Buy" Framework for defining and measuring your return on brand marketing activities.
  • The One or Two-Word Anchor to occupy a space completely your own in the minds of the people you meet both offline and online. 


“Completely disrupting the status quo of how to bring fresh ideas to market. Completely out of the box thinking.” 


The information he shares is not only on another level of intelligence, but just the energy and passion and the way he incorporates music and story telling into the delivery and content is amazing.”   DAN MARTELL

“THE BRANDING HIGHWAY BOOTCAMP is a real game-changer!”  



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