Inspiring Leaders to Build Irresistible Brands

In a rapidly-changing world that changes by the minute, the ONE thing that never changes are predictable patterns of Human Behaviour.  Especially as it relates to our endless fascination with compelling stories and enduring legends.  
Through the centuries, people of different social, cultural or ethnic backgrounds have always responded to, and rallied around powerful stories that have depth, meaning and purpose. 

The very best brands on the planet; legends like Apple, Disney and NIKE don’t act and speak like everyone else. The ‘magic’ trick lies in developing an original story that attracts THE BEST customers and talent – and there is no reason why you can’t do the same thing with a similar approach. 

The Best Brands In the World are Irresistibly Enticing Because of the Stories They Represent. We Think You Should Enjoy That Same Advantage.  

60-Day Immersion Program

We believe nothing is more motivating than the timeless power of your story; shared with the kind of people you want to surround yourself with; to rally customers, team members, and set you apart from all the other competitors in your space.

This is why we designed THE BRANDING HIGHWAY BOOTCAMP, a one-day centrepiece of a 60-Day Immersion Program for you and your executive team.  This process was developed as a practical way to answer the paramount question:
Who are we beyond the products & services we offer? 

Over the course of this 60-Day Experience, you and your team will have ample time to prepare for the One Day BOOTCAMP with sufficient time allocated on the back end to develop a concrete Action Plan. 
Phase 1 – Preparation & Homework – 30 Days Prior
Phase 3 – Finalize Action Plans – 30 Days Follow Up

Learning Outcomes 

Legendary Story

The foundation for your brand. Irresistible to anyone who hears it.

Real Villains

 Identify things that threaten what your customers care about and be the hero that slays their dragons.


Tribal Narrative

The foundation for all external marketing efforts, internal culture and customer fulfillment.

Category of One

Tangible, science-based methodologies to achieve massive degrees of 'Differentiation & Relevance'.

Media Company

Build a strong framework that creates a powerful online presence.

Key Values

Attract like-minded customers and create deep emotional bonds that lead to tribal behaviour.

Coffee Shop Approach

Learn fundamentals to enhance your social media presence, and encourage more engagement.


Recognize why it’s crucial for anyone who wants to define and measure return on brand marketing activities.

Be Irresistible

Give customers a real reason to do the marketing for you. 

What People Are Saying 

“Gair Maxwell’s “Branding Highway Bootcamp” is engaging, enlightening and, most importantly, EFFECTIVE! His impact on the City of Moose Jaw’s rebranding project can’t be overstated – in fact, it was “Notoriously” significant!” 

CRAIG HEMINGWAY - City of Moose Jaw

The information he shares is not only on another level of intelligence, but just the energy and passion and the way he incorporates music and story telling into the delivery and content is amazing.”   


“THE BRANDING HIGHWAY BOOTCAMP is a real game-changer!”  

BOB LENNON - Thermalwood Canada


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