Accelerate & Differentiate Your Marketing  (without spending a fortune on advertising)

The Branding Highway has been described as both a journey and a destination, designed to help your brand spend less time convincing and more time connecting in a way that inspires meaningful relationships and customers for life.  Audiences walk away with relevant and actionable ideas; knowing with full confidence how any brand -- regardless of product or service category -- can be re-aligned and re-ignited to boost revenues & profitability, while increasing market share and shareholder equity. 
This high voltage presentation follows the route of a metaphorical road trip with key pit stops to help any firm of any size recognize how to: create substantial differentiation, turn customers into advocates and establish a brand legacy that rivals some of the best in the world.  

Join Gair Maxwell for an adventurous, wide-open ride on The Branding Highway and discover how to generate higher volumes of inbound business as the preferred choice of customers - no matter how crowded your marketplace.

As a result of this program, audience members will be able to:

  • Understand why the vast majority of marketing tactics, advertising campaigns and social media strategies are largely ineffective - no matter how much $$$ you spend. 
  • Learn how to avoid commoditization and distinguish your business from the rest of the competitive herd and stand apart like no other.
  • Discover the single biggest shift in the marketing and advertising industry since the creation of the mass media-industrial complex in the 1950's. 
  • Learn why you don't have to be a huge, global company like NIKE, Starbucks or Disney to create a brand that delivers a huge impact in your specific market space. 
  • Discover how to "speak human" and apply the ancient power of storytelling in a way that inspires a customer community eager to do the marketing for you.
  • Find new strategies to harness the digital horsepower of online platforms and stay miles ahead of the relevance curve.   

What People Are Saying

"Gair is an inspiring figure. He makes you want to get up and achieve something. As good a speaker as I’ve ever heard.”  

Gene Simmons - KISS

"You certainly gave us a high octane experience! I can already see some of the tools starting to be used by the gang members straight away. I hoped for a lot to happen – and you did not disappoint!" Mike Gulliford - Vistage UK

A real game-changer! 
Bob Lennon - Thermalwood Canada

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