The Bridge Between Talk & Action 

It is NEVER a lack of knowledge that squashes great ideas and stops people and organizations dead in their tracks.  Not when we have access to readily available knowledge, with 90% of all information in the world created in the last few years alone.  So, why do so many of us fail to pull the trigger on big, small and often necessary changes we all want to make; in our lives, companies or careers?  
Is there a secret to consistently cross that metaphorical bridge between 'Talk and Action',  a proven way to link the best of our intentions to the completion of our best work?   Based on a 2006 global experiment involving 32,000 subjects, Gair Maxwell reveals why THE KNOWING-DOING G.A.P  exists, and how to close it with new 'mind-to-muscle' patterns that inspire growth, initiative and renewed purpose for your cause, company or personal mission.
No more excuses. 
No more inertia or irrational fears... just deliberate steps and a simple framework to unleash untapped, organizational power, and human potential that often lies dormant in all of us. 

As a result of this program, audience members will be able to:

  • Understand why the need for "perfection" is the 'sworn enemy' of optimum "performance".
  • Discover proven and practical neuroscience that links wishful desire to ruthless execution.
  • Learn 4 universal factors that separate "blue-sky dreamers" from action-oriented "doers."
  • Realize what has always stopped them from achieving greatness.
  • Change long standing habits with small but powerful tools.
  • Discover new 'mind-to-muscle' patterns that inspire growth, initiative and renewed purpose for your company or personal mission. 
THE KNOWING-DOING G.A.P. has been lauded by conference organizers as "the picture-perfect message at the perfect time."  As an event opener, it sets the stage for active participation and personal accountability for the entire conference.  As a closer, it serves as the "big bang showstopper" that unifies overarching themes and activates attendees for the post-event "real world."  
When attendees envision the metaphorical bridge between talk and action for what it really is, crucial first steps are taken. A new journey begins.   

What People Are Saying 

Let me start by saying how much I thoroughly enjoyed your sessions in Maui! Your wisdom, engagement and style is infectious and inspiring. I do not believe in coincidences, and with that said I am most grateful for the opportunity to have shared the moment and stage with you. I will remember that experience as being a defining moment in my life, thank you!
Trudi Sigfusson

The KNOWING-DOING G.A.P. was a sensation! Our group loved your presentation and you were a great addition to our conference. 

Lisa Matchim

“In his “KNOWING- DOING G.A.P.” presentation, Gair reminded us that you cannot change what you refuse to confront or are afraid of.  Despite the seriousness of the topic; Gair’s presentation proved to be insightful, inspirational and also hilarious.  The presentation was not only timely from a business perspective but of enormous value on a personal level.

Rick Fair

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