• 2019-04-30

Creating Championship Cultures

You’ve likely heard this before.  

To get everyone pulling on the same rope, high-end, high-functioning organizations place a huge emphasis on leadership and culture.

Sounds simple enough. 

But, why is it so rare to witness or be a part of those high-performance environments?

When you think about it, they’re about as scarce as a Stanley Cup parade in Toronto!

The very best organizations are always in teaching mode; guiding their people on how to be great leaders and how to maintain the culture as they have defined it.

Few people know this better than one of North America’s leading experts on decoding the language of culture and why it matters in everyday activities.

And he has got a Stanley Cup ring to prove it.

With more than 1,000 NHL games on his resume, Ryan is now a sought-after speaker and facilitator in the business arena; helping organizations chart a winning course for high performance, leadership and team achievement.

Join us in the face-off circle for a conversation on Creating Championship Cultures with Leadership Expert Ryan Walter on this edition of Leaders & Legends.   

     "You have to pull the wagon together, and everybody has to give 100 per cent. That's how you're going to win games" 



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