• 2019-03-06

Does Your Business Create a Sense of Belonging?

The need to “Belong” taps into the deepest part of our humanity.

Psychologists and anthropologists agree that humans possess a strong, primal instinct to feel a sense of ‘belonging’ to small groups that share clear purpose and values.

Even prisoners feel this. Like those who attended a certain Johnny Cash concert in ’68 at a place called Folsom.   

This sense of tribal connection may be slipping away on our spinning and wired modern planet, but some of the best brands in the world maintain that creating a spirit of "belonging" is essential to who they are.

Lulu Lemon, Starbucks and Harley-Davidson are just several brands that have demonstrated human groups of different ages, genders and backgrounds will bond over shared values that they identify in products that range from lycra to lattes and leather. 

And it’s quite possible that the next great frontier in our capitalists society is for visionary leaders who can see the sweet spot that exists between cultural needs and the potential for market growth.

There is a massive, wide-open intersection for those who can marry the concepts of ‘business’ and ‘belonging’.

According to a recent study, the market capitalization of S&P 500 companies back in 1975, revealed that only 17% of that value was intangible assets, like the brand.

Today, those intangible assets make up 84% of what determines how much these companies are worth.  

In other words, bean counters on Wall Street confirm it makes great financial sense to create deeper, more meaningful, person-to-person connections.

That’s why it might be worth taking a couple of minutes to explore WHY YOUR BRAND IS NOT YOUR LOGO on this edition of Leaders & Legends.


      “You've got a song you're singing from your gut, you want that audience to feel it in their gut. You've got to make them think that you're one of them. They've got to connect to what you're doing”.


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