• 2019-01-22

How a $50 Video Inspired a Movement

Over the past week, social media feeds have exploded with two different stories released just two days apart. 

Two polar opposite topics that share more in common than you might think.

On January 13, the Proctor and Gamble company, Gillette, unveils a one minute, 49 second spot that tackles the subject of toxic masculinity, imploring all men to do better. Essentially making a social statement in the wake of the #MeToo movement. It's a simple, straight-forward, yet polarizing message to some. It has angered the Twitter-verse and has even generated some talk of a Gillette boycott.

But two days earlier on January 11, online personalities Justin and Greg from Saskatchewan, took dead aim at the people of Norway and also challenged the mayor of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan to step up to the plate when they discovered that the Norwegians had gone out and built a bigger moose statue than Mac the Moose.

This has triggered a media firestorm and a story that is being picked up by news organizations all over the world including Canada's national TV networks, CNN and the NY Times.

What do conversations triggered by a razor blade company and a Canadian moose statue mean to you, especially if you're someone who's actually trying to attract attention in the marketplace?

It comes down to two words…

Watch the video and discover what they know about 21st Century marketing and social responsibility.

“In advertising not to be different is virtually suicidal”.

by Willian Bernbach

**Big shout out to Josh Parlee at CreoVisuals for creating the video above (and all videos we produce).  If you need a video genius (we're not kidding), contact Josh here.

Creative Commons image by Johnnyw3  

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