• 2018-05-22


It's Never Been Easier To Be a Critic...

To point out the flaws and failings of somebody else; to be openly critical and skeptical of the motives and intentions of another. To bellyache and complain about the achievements of others whether it be career, financial or personal success. And with a single click, your jealousies and cynicism can be shared worldwide, re-posted and re-fueled by the comments of other like-minded, grumble-butt curmudgeons. Bad news travels faster than ever before. Untold millions are now complicit in that sharing.But, if you fall hook, line and sinker for everything the crusty critics whine and moan about, you miss out on one of the true joys in life.  

The very best gifts that anyone experiences in their lifetime are those unexpected twinkles of joy that make a magical moment. 

And when those moments are lived and shared on global stages, you can feel a burst of radiance from the soul of another. Those rare moments of brilliance when you realize impossible is nothing. Those days when a real person demonstrated dreams do come true.Those precious moments can be life-changing. Especially when you're a 10-year old kid, glued to the TV. Watching every move. Hanging on every word. It happened on February 22, 1980 when a team of U.S. college hockey players upset the mighty Soviet juggernaut in the "Miracle on Ice". Popularity for the sport soared in America. Impressionable young athletes all over the world saw how magic can happen for real when you believe in yourself. 

It happened again on July 29, 1981 when millions of impressionable young girls realized they could marry a handsome prince and make a difference in shaping the world they live in. They could be more than a just another dutiful wife as they watched how a real-life princess bounced back from divorce and changed perceptions and moved mountains with her efforts to rid the world of nasty things like landmines and HIV.  

This past weekend, millions of young minds and hearts formed life-long impressions as they were glued to watching not one, but two Cinderella stories. On Saturday, a global TV audience of nearly 2 billion saw Meghan Markle walk down the aisle to marry her prince and on Sunday the Vegas Golden Knights skated into history; becoming the first expansion team in any sport ever to advance to a league championship final. It's difficult to say which of these fairy-tales is more unbelievable than the other. 

These modern-day Knights and Royals are now living legends; succeeding in the face of improbable odds while proving cynics wrong.

Both Markle, a divorced woman of mixed heritage and a Vegas hockey team filled with castoffs and rejects have endured their share of detractors. Both have felt the sting of disparaging barbs and denunciations as they kept advancing towards their uncommon date with destiny. Along the way, both on-line and off, there was never any shortage of mostly anonymous trolls tossing their mean-spirited barbs; telling them that they don't belong. But, if you're 10-years old and filled with dreams of what magic might be in store on your life's journey, the critics don't count. 

Not if your name is Cayden and you've been enraptured since the age of 4 by the movie Miracle; especially the scene with Kurt Russell's locker room speech, playing the role of coach Herb Brooks. By the time you are 10 and you've watched that movie 87+ times (with your grandfather), you're probably hardwired with an uncommonly healthy perspective about the power of dreams and the irrelevance of critics.   Why anyone would want to rain on any Wedding Day or Golden Knight parades is beyond me; especially when the kid still inside all of us needs healthy and necessary reminders of how truly wonderful and magical this world can be.  Real success begins with those enchanted moments when you declare to yourself, your friends, and the entire kingdom that you believe in your own dreams. That you can beat the odds.   Do something astonishing. 

Because there was a time when you were a 10-year old and saw somebody else prove everybody wrong. 

And that's when you started to believe you could do it to.  

      You can't be common. The common man goes nowhere; you have to be uncommon.  HERB BROOKS

p.s … In July of 2009, 4-year old Joshua Sacco wandered into his family's rec room and into our hearts with his re-enactment of the Herb Brooks "Miracle" speech. More than 5.7 million YouTube views later, followed by an appearance on Ellen, the boy gets invitations to share the dream with other teams like the Boston Red Sox:https://youtu.be/VbP4k3zY-N0

If you ever wondered whatever happened to that kid, Joshua is still very much living the dream and making his parents proud.  Check This Out.

p.p.s…. After 30 years of civil war, Angola's countryside was littered with millions of land mines. Innocent children were being blown to bits as they played in the fields. In January of 1997, Princess Diana walked into an Angola minefield to demonstrate her support for a worldwide ban on land mines. One unidentified government minister said she was "ill-advised" to go against policy. The minister even referred to her as a "loose cannon." The princess responded, she was just trying to help. You can decide for yourself.

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