• 2018-04-17

The future of canadian trucking

Can you help elevate the debate?

Some are saying the Humboldt Broncos tragedy is a long overdue wake-up call for the Canadian trucking industry. And this is your opportunity to weigh in on the discussion. The April 6th accident is still under investigation and it may be months before all the facts are known about what happened that Friday on Highway 35 in north-eastern Saskatchewan. Out of respect for all the people involved - including the driver of the truck - this is not the time to be pointing fingers, assigning blame or making unfounded accusations. 

But, it is time to start asking some pointed, legitimate questions about the way these 53-foot behemoths share the road with us every day. 

Already there are many truckers and industry officials across the country saying current training protocols are 'a joke'.  There are also concerns about the way transport trucks are being operated on busy freeways like southern Ontario's 401. What are your thoughts about the way this industry conducts its business and the Future of Canadian Trucking on this edition of The Reinvention Chronicles.

Ridin' to the game and ridin' with his team. Ridin' with their friends and ridin' for their dreams. Ridin' off to immortality in the big league.  TOM COCHRANE

p.s…. Many tributes have poured in from around the world and some, such as this one from Tom Cochrane, don't require any further explanation. 

p.p.s…. The outpouring of support from across Canada and around the world for the Humboldt Broncos is unparalleled in this country.  The GoFundMe campaign has been nothing short of astonishing.  Millions of thoughtful gestures both on-line and off-line have helped heal many Saskatchewan hearts. Little has been said about the truck driver who was in the cab that day; a worker who never intended for any of this to happen. The driver was briefly detained at the scene, questioned and walked away with no reported physical injuries. Some of the deepest wounds, however, are not physical which is why this Facebook post from Deanna Cummings adds much needed context to this terrible tragedy. 

The Facebook post reads:

Dear Saskatchewan Truck Driver,
As we all sit back and contemplate everything that has occurred since the collision and start to process the massive emotional impact of the death of 16 people, I want you to know you are in our minds too. Please know that some of us are thinking of you as well. Although the exact cause of the collision and the events leading up to it remain unknown to us, we do know that you didn't set out to do harm as you turned the ignition that fateful day. You survived. You need help to overcome this tragic incident that is also taking a significant toll on your and your family's wellbeing. I sincerely hope you will be able to heal, and I know that other Canadians wish the same.
From the heart,
A fellow Canadian.

p.p.p.s…. The "voice" of the Saskatoon Blades has also rallied an army of broadcasters who are ready to step in behind the Humboldt radio microphone next season on BOLT-FM.  Les Lazaruk thought it was the best way a fellow broadcaster could honor Broncos play-by-play man, Tyler Bieber who was one of the 16 who perished in the April 6th crash. 

Watch Here

p.p.p.p.s  CBC tweeted that the GoFundMe Campaign will end on April 18, 2018.  There's still time to donate. To Donate Click Here

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