• 2020-02-07

What Ferris forgot to mention when he was playing hooky in that 1986 comedy classic, was that part about how the older you get, the faster life moves into overdrive.

Take the previous decade for example.  Still left wondering how ten years whipped by in what still feels like a New York minute.
  • What was the point of it all?
  • Was anything accomplished that actually mattered?
  • More importantly, what did I learn?

Another great philosopher, the often-truant John Lennon, was also right when he observed, "Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans."

When your life journey turns north of 55, it’s not unusual to search for meaning and perspective in the chunk of time invested over the past 3,650 days. For anyone keeping score, that works out to 87,600 hours. Or if you prefer to live in the moment, 5,256,000 minutes of the available inventory of time to make things happen.

Can we ever allow ourselves to get so wrapped in the busyness of daily routine, that we lose big-picture perspective on the real important stuff?
What if the lessons learned over the past ten years could help you better prepare for the next ten? In other words, how much did the ups, downs and all arounds of the 2010’s set you up to bring much more value to the people around you in the 2020’s?
Time you enjoy wasting is never a waste of time.
You don’t have to skip school or work to take a moment and imagine your answer to this question:
What were The 3 Most Important Things You Learned in the Past 10 Years on this edition of Leaders & Legends. 

          Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears.


A few updates...

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The language of brand speaks to humans in a way that is metaphorical, meaningful, emotional and symbolic BUT the language of business communicates in a way that is logical, literal, mechanical and analytical. 

How then, does a business leader – in any industry – any product/service category become fluent in BOTH of these vitally important languages?

This keynote/workshop (and preview of the forthcoming book) is designed to challenge accepted notions of how long-term brand-building really works these days.  It challenges leaders to rediscover what is possible and the role they play in creating modern-day legacy. 

BIG LITTLE LEGENDS: How Everyday Leaders Build Irresistible Brands

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