• 2019-10-29

Is There Still Time to Catch Up? 

The phrase “early adopter” was first coined in 1962 by American sociologist Everett Rogers who wanted to know why people react the way they do to new ideas and innovations.  

Growing up on an Iowa farm, Rogers watched his father stubbornly resist using new hybrid seed corn, even though it offered a 25% higher yield and was resistant to drought. During the Iowa drought of 1936, Everett’s dad realized the error of his ways when he saw his crop withered and wilted while the hybrid seed corn stood tall and heathy on his neighbor's farm.

Curious to know more about how ideas get embraced by the masses, Rogers synthesized research from 508 different studies from diverse fields such as anthropology, sociology, education, industry, medicine and others. 

The theory and Bell curve he developed explains why innovators and early adopters were eager to reject 45’s and LP’s in favor of cassettes, CD’s, Sony Walkman’s, iPods and streaming.

Everett’s finding helps us understand why some people and organizations cling stubbornly to the status quo even when it’s clear Elvis has left the building.

History has repeatedly shown that when the future arrives on your doorstep, the spoils are there for the taking... if you can figure it out faster than the next guy.

In the field called “marketing”, the Yellow Pages were first created in 1883 when a telephone directory printer in Cheyenne, Wyoming ran out of white paper and used yellow paper instead. For more than a century, the Yellow Pages enjoyed tremendous profitability with a business model regarded as virtually indestructible since local businesses would “always need the yellow pages”. 

But, the collapse of many 20th century media institutions now creates bushels of opportunity for those who can see the wisdom of establishing solid roots in the fertile and globalized Attention Economy – without being held hostage by traditional media gatekeepers.

If you’ve been wondering how to steer your brand-building efforts in a direction much more aligned with the future, join me on the front porch and discover why there is Still Time to Catch Up on this episode of Leaders & Legends.  

           “Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain't goin' away”.



At last count, the NIKE video entitled “Make It Count”, which was produced by Casey Neistat in 2012 has racked up more than 29 million views. That sounds like a lot until you realize Casey’s YouTube channel has generated in excess of 2.68 BILLION views. Not bad for a single dad and high school dropout from a Connecticut trailer park who moved to NYC in 2001 with only $800 dollars in his pocket and a burning desire to make movies. Since making a strategic decision to become his own media, Neistat has amassed over 11.6 million subscribers and is widely regarded as one of the world’s foremost authorities on digital marketing and filmmaking.

The Dan Martell mentioned in the video continues to expand his digital footprint with a media company launched on YouTube in 2011 that now has over 38,000 subscribers. In one of his most recent episodes, he sits down with his brother Pierre of Martell Custom Homes to discuss entrepreneurship, embracing change, family dynamics, re-branding a company and how to avoid expensive mistakes.



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