• 2018-05-30


How well are you balancing “busy” with family?

The theory surrounding "work-life balance" sure sounded great when it first floated its way through pop culture in the late 70's.  Likewise, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People from Dr. Stephen Covey also gained considerable public traction in the late 80's.  In both cases, these noble concepts inspired us to imagine achieving those lofty ideals on our own personal stairways to heaven.  Nothing wrong with that, but back in the day when "work-life balance" and "The 7 Habits" were popular, MTV ruled the music industry and Hollywood had the market cornered on movies.  Things are much different today in our Spotify-Netflix-YouTube world. Just as the technology that has shifted your corner of the Twitterverse, so have the dynamics of juggling personal aspirations with professional obligations.

Never should we get so preoccupied with making a living that we forget to make a life.

It's easy enough to confuse having a career with having a life, but the lines have never been more blurred by the work-life treadmill we're all running on at top speed.  And that stress is felt much more by women than men.  Too many women burned out by the acid of resentment will agree; aiming for excellence may be motivating but, aiming for perfection can be demoralizing. 

Gender differences play a significant role in this debate which is why a hyper-busy, still-in-the-trenches, mother of two active boys, is worth paying attention to.  As the founder of Family Academy, Renee Warren is actually doing something about it in her own home. If there is a bustle in your work-life hedgerow, fix yourself a strawberry cone and join us in the sun room for The Scoop On Highly Effective Families on this edition of The Reinvention Chronicles. 

            "The key is not to prioritize what's on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities".  STEPHEN COVEY

p.s… just so we're clear, there is never any shortage of dudes - me included - who will use the complete and utter b.s. of the 100-hour work week to morally justify self-imposed martyrdom for all that we do for our families and the futures we are trying to create.No one ever asked any guy to make those sacrifices. If we're completely honest, this is the crap we do to ourselves. And every once in a while, it's good for us men to get smacked with a slap of reality to remind us of what's really important. Like dinners with candlelight and without cell phones; like regular retreats where we can go off the grid and unplug with our favorite person in the whole wide world. 

p.p.s ... Back in the 80's when Stephen Covey wanted to test some of his 7 Habit theories, he jumped on the public speaking road and shared what he had discovered using a metaphorical demonstration that he called "Big Rocks". Curious to know if this concept still rings true for you and some of the challenges you're facing right now.

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